About the Artist, Britoni Burdett

About Britoni B

Hello and Welcome!

My name is Britoni Burdett. I am a Severe Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor and self-taught artist.

Since 2009, when I picked up my first paint brush, I have relied on my artwork as a form of therapy, which has played a huge role in my unbelievable recovery.

  • Art has allowed me to express happy emotions through, what I have always called, "border-line depression" {depression is a common after affect from a TBI}.
  • Art has given me an identity, which I love.
  • Art has allowed me spread joy and light-hearted laughter to all of my collectors, supporters and loved ones.
  • Art has provided me with a steadfast ability to be laser focused and DREAM BIG!

In addition to offering BRITONI B® designs to the world, my vision is to share "my story" and raise awareness for Art Therapy.

I believe, my story will be an inspiration for those who desire to live life wholeheartedly, filled with LOVE and laughter. My hope is too empower others, to overcome any and all obstacles, by loving themselves and focusing on their creativity.

Who would have thought?! Drink-ware with 3D Butts, Boobs, Bellies and More...

About Britoni B

It started on a rainy Sunday… A day that was inspired by family, friends and pure creativity.

Brainstorming for the first time, with a paintbrush in hand, I created what is now know known as, DRINK in 3D® with BRITONI B®. Each painting is perfectly fit for all types of drinking glasses and giftware, which features unique 3D elements… like the "Non-slip, Tip-Grip™"!

All of my designs are curated with pure passion. I absolutely love spreading joy, light-hearted laughter and creating everlasting memories with my artwork. I believe believe these cherish-able moments, in life, are the true definition of gift giving.

I am excited to present a fun and unique way for you, your family, friends and loved ones to celebrate all of life's special occasions! #DRINKin3D with @BritoniB

DRINK in 3D® is custom designed by YOU and individually hand-painted with LOVE by BRITONI B®

Art Therapy...

About Britoni B

To be honest, I did not know Art Therapy was even a "thing" until 2017.

For several months, I had been asking the universe...

"What cause can I give to that is inline with my values, beliefs and a good fit for my brand?"

One day, as I was painting, the word "Art Therapy" popped into my head.

As I began to research, I uncovered Art Therapy is used to help many patients and veterans who are battling with PTSD, TBI, depression, mental illness, sexual assault, just to name a few.

With mental health becoming a huge epidemic and now on the radar of our nation as a whole, I am feeling called to share my unique and inspiring story along with offering BRITONI B® designs to the world.

In fact, I would love to write a best selling memoir about this chapter of my life, with the ultimate vision of the book becoming a movie.

My Story

At the age of 16, I experienced a near death car accident. Shattering my femur and breaking my hip in 4 places was the "easy" part of the recovery process (even after having 2 reconstructive surgeries on my leg, spending 6 months in a wheel chair and a year and half of crutches).

During the initial impact, it is believed my head flew out the window and made contact with the van traveling 45+ mph, causing a bruise on the right frontal lobe of my brain.

Now, I am living with and am a survivor of a Survivor Traumatic Brain Injury.

A TBI is a lifelong injury, it doesn't heal like a broken bone or just go away. You can not look into my eyes and see that my brain has been injured. Having a TBI is extremely isolating, confusing, violent and frustrating injury.

To this day, I experience a great deal of side effects caused by my TBI. However, I have recognized what some of these side effects are and have learned to utilize various tools, processes and methods to help me through my daily struggles.

Turning my artwork into a business...

My dream has always been for BRITONI B® to become into an iconic household brand name… just like Barbie®!

BRITONI B® stands for more than just light-hearted laughter, it's a reason to love life, have an unbelievable time, whoop it up, let your hair down, dance around and celebrate life's special moments!

The BRITONI B® business model is to create and sell original and reproductions of BRITONI B® designs on a variety of products that my collectors love and desire, some which include limited edition pieces. In addition, the BRITONI B® sketches and designs are be available for creative, unique and out-of-the box licensing opportunities.

In addition, BRITONI B® designs look great on other gift items such as, pillows, journals, dish towels, aprons, wine stoppers, wine bottles, phone cases, stationary, wall art, etc.

Click here to connect with me for licensing opportunities, to place a custom order or just to say "hello"!

I'd love to hear from you.


With Love

Some of the greatest lessons I have learned are...

LOVE is my core value, anything is possible with LOVE. Love Yourself. Give Love. Receive Love. BE LOVE.

The universe always has your back. No. Matter. What.

CAN'T is not in the dictionary. If you believe you can't do something, that becomes your reality.

Life is short. Do not take yourself too seriously. You never know if today will be your last. Laugh at yourself. Smile at others. Be Kind.

Everything happens for a reason. Lessons can be be learned from every situation. Let these moments, in life, empower you to be the change you wish to see in the world.

Wake up with an attitude of gratitude. Everyday. Always.

If you believe, you will achieve! - Wayne Dyer

True story, My Momma Bear and family always told to me, "You are normal". Because Momma Bear said so, I have always believed, "I am normal".

This belief allowed me to interact and communicate with the world, without realizing my brain was operating on a completely different frequency than most.

This belief allowed me to not rely on my injury as a crutch, yet empowered me to beat the doctors odds.